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Aratac Terra Pro 3D Hockey Stick


Product type: Hockey Sticks

Vendor: Aratac



* Our hugely popular extreme low bow 3D has had a makeover, we have lowered the bow slightly to give this stick an even better feel and pick up
* Our 3D stick has a specially designed head with shaved angles, specifically designed with dragflicking, aerial play and 3D skills in mind
 * it has a specially designed head with shaved angles.  Manufactured with a triple weave of 3K carbon, aramid and glassfibre.
 * The mid Carbon content of this stick provides a high level of power, combined with a fantastic feel for receiving and elimination skills.
* | Bow 24.9mm | Bow Position 200mm | Balance Point 39 - 40.5cm |
* Size : 36.5, 37.5, 38.5