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TK G1 Fatty Goalkeeping Hockey Stick


Product type: Hockey Sticks

Vendor: TK



Introducing the game-changing G1 FATTY, the ultimate weapon for goalkeepers seeking unmatched performance between the posts! Prepare to unleash your full potential with a stick that goes beyond expectations and delivers unprecedented saves.

  • We've revamped the construction and fortified the reinforcement, sculpting the perfect GK stick that will elevate your game to new heights.
  • The G1 boasts a bold and powerful design, featuring a fatter shaft profile and head shape that sets it apart from the rest.
  • But don't be fooled by its muscular appearance—this stick remains incredibly lightweight without compromising on strength.
  • Engineered with meticulous precision, offering the ideal balance and manoeuvrability that keepers crave.
  • Its expertly calibrated weight distribution ensures a seamless fit in your hand, empowering you with unparalleled control and agility.
  • Get ready to command the field like never before.
  • Dare to redefine goalkeeping excellence with the G1 FATTY—the ultimate companion for keepers hungry for glory.

The details:

  • Shape: FATTY
  • Technology: 8K Japanese Carbon, NPR
  • Composition: 70% Carbon, 20% Glassfibre, 10% Aramid
  • Colour: Orange-Black
  • Balance Point: 40cm ±1cm
  • Weight: 530g ±10g